Internet Connection Mode - Disables Mobile Network
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I am trying to use Internet Connection Mode on my TB, since mobile hotspot uses too much battery (yes, I realize I can get a charge by plugging the USB cable in for "charge only mode" while using mobile hotspot--but it doesn't really charge it, it just slows the drain).

However, as soon as I turn on Internet Connection Mode, I drop data connection all together ("4GLTE" icon disappears, can't connect to anything with data).  I turn off Internet Connection Mode, and it comes right back on.  Doesn't exactly make sense for the phone to drop the mobile network when trying to share the mobile network with a PC, does it?  I mean, it makes sense for the TB, one of the buggiest phones on the market.  But I'd still like to see if there is a solution.  Thanks in advance.

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Do you have the USB Modem driver loaded? If not, you need to get it. Usually it is on the phone's ROM and is loaded on first connection. You can check this under Device Manager > Modems. IF the Modems option is not listed or if there is no HTC driver listed after the phone is plugged in, you don't have the driver. If that is the case, see if it is loaded on your phone's "CD ROM" drive (listed when the phone is plugged in, do a Win-E to check). Or go to the HTC website to search for it.

Anyway, once the driver is installed under Modems, you need to either:

1 Try using VZ Access Manager to dial the network, or

2 Set up a dial-up connection via windows network connections, using #777 for the phone number. Leave username & password fields empty, they are not needed or utilized by the dialing software.

I have a HTC Droid Incredible, the dropping of the 3g icon in Internet Connection Mode is normal. I don't pay for the tethreing service (yet) so when I connect via dialup connection, I get broadband connect sinup page which is now out of date but at least this tells me  the connection is active.


You need to use the hotspot option,. The option you speak of is disabled to keep user from connecting other devices without paying for the option. Of course if you have a tiered plan you can now use the hotspot for free up to your data limit.

If you oh avian unlimited data plan, you will have to pay to play. I use my hotspot extensively and battery use is minimal, but I do have the extended battery. But I purchased that before I ever used my hotspot.