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Interruptions! What happened to do not disturb!

I'm so confused! Do not disturb worked so Awesome! I work 7p-7a....and can not figure out my alarm and interruption modes. My understanding is I have to reset my schedule every time it changes. I just want my phone to sleep when I push do not disturb. Also I want emergency contacts to be able to call when I don't want to be disturbed. Why was this changed? Sleepless in Indy.

Re: Interruptions! What happened to do not disturb!
Customer Support
I want to help you in making sure you know all the aspects of the do not disturb feature CrazyJo! I know how important it is to make sure certain people in your life do get a hold of you if you have this feature is on.  Did you do any new updates on your phone? Here are the instruction on how to manager the do not disturb feature.
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Re: Interruptions! What happened to do not disturb!

What phone do you have? I don't quite follow what your goal is in your post, but I'm going to take a stab. You want to be able to turn your phone to complete silent mode; no interruptions and use your alarm at the same time and allow certain contacts to reach you?

It sounds like you have an S5; after the update setting your alarm got tricky.

If that's the case try this:

Settings>Sound and notification>Interruptions

From there you can adjust them as needed. When I want to have my phone on silent, but still use my alarm I do this:

When calls and notifications arrive>Only allow priority interruptions>Indefinitely (or select a time length)

If you want certain people to interrupt do this:

Select Phone Calls>From>Favorite Contacts Only (keep in mind you'll need to have made those contacts your favorite)

Once your priorities have been set you'll see a Star appear at the top in your notification bar, that alerts you to the fact that you have it turned on.

Re: Interruptions! What happened to do not disturb!

OP has an HTC One

Re: Interruptions! What happened to do not disturb!

I have a HTC One that is missing it's Do Not Disturb option after the

latest upgrade Smiley Sad Before the update I could select DND when I went to bed

and had already set who could call, during DND time, in an emergency, such

as my husband and mother. Now I have a Interruption option. Also I can only

choose all, none, or favorites (or equivilent to) for persons who can call

during uniterrupted time. Also this makes it difficult for me because I

have to remember to reset days and times, VERY often. I work 3 nights a

week with a different schedule every week. It would be ok if I work Monday

through Friday 8-5. This change causes me pain because I have to go to

interruptions, change days and times, choose priorities/or favorites. In

the past I could choose DND and it made everything uninterrupted. When I

woke up I would take the DND off. I'm really bummed about this has changed.

Is there anyway I could get it back??

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