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Lemon After Lemon

Over the past decade, I've been through dozens of phones.  Rarely would I find that didn't have a fault that would aggravate me to no end.  Whether it be a missing feature, unstable or deficient software, or a cosmetic oddity, I seldom found a device that I really liked.

The Rezound was a different story.  Even with those few imperfections that it did have, the good outweighed the bad.  The first thing I have to rave about is the display: it was gorgeous.  I hadn't ever seen a device that was more of a pleasure to look at and use.  The impressive camera helped show off the display's capabilities and didn't miss a beat doing so.  The phone itself didn't suffer from connectivity issues that plagued the two other 4G devices I had previous to it: the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola Bionic.  Lastly (and most important for me) was that I was able to talk and surf the web at the same time when in a 3G only area.  Yes, I'm able to do this on almost all newer 4G phones, but the reality of the situation is that there are still vast areas (especially in Texas) that are 3G only.  Further, when I travel, I appreciated knowing that I would be able to have a call in the foreground and my navigation continuing in the background.  It's even more useful when I'm researching a topic or conferencing with a client.  The simultaneous data/voice on 3G on the Rezound was a fantastic bonus.

I've been using the past tense up until now because that is how I saw the device - it was great.  Unfortunately, I am not able to stand by those assertions and beliefs any longer.  Two weeks ago, my first Rezound stopped turning it; it didn't show any sign of accepting a charge or anything.  Verizon promptly sent out a replacement.  Within two days, I customized it to my liking and set the replacement up just like I had the first.  Unfortunately, the second Rezound was met with a similar fate: it, too, stopped turning on without signs of accepting a charge.  Once again, Verizon promptly sent out a replacement.  This third Rezound lasted a big longer.  I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a nonworking device, but the third Rezound wasn't about to disappoint!  It, too, stopped charging and stopped turning on.

Thankfully, after two replacements, I was well versed in the process.  I called Verizon, explained the situation, and was actually only then told that I had reached the wrong department.  However, the representative did tell me and explain that due to the numerous replacements, that I was able to ask for an alternate replacement device that would meet or exceed the specs of the Rezound.  It was good to know that I was able to change my device if I was weary of being put back in with the same model.  Well I was transferred to tech support and the representative began the process of getting a replacement out to me.  He expressed some familiarity with the specific issue my devices had been facing - the lack of charging and not turning on.  This secured my decision to attempt to switch device models.

I told the representative about what I had been previously told before being transferred to him: about being able to ask for an alternate model.  The representative did acknowledge that that information was in fact true and then he proceeded to find a list of suitable replacements.  At first, he said that the replacement process was brand for brand (i.e. that an HTC would be replaced only for an HTC).  Based on this, he first offered an HTC Incredible 4G.  I kindly declined and told him of the feature and specification disparities between the devices.  He further reviewed his materials and consulted with his supervisor to present a list of three devices: (1) the HTC Thunderbolt, (2) the Samsung Charge, and (3) the LG Revolution.  At first, I thought there was a mistake - viewing any of those three as even "comparable" to the Rezound.   I asked him about it and was told that Verizon deemed each of those as "comparable" replacements.  I proceeded to explain the differences between each and how the Rezound was much more capable than any of the three and that none of them were anything more than a downgrade.  I was unwilling to accept any of the three devices as none of them were close to comparable in my view.  I was left with a nonfunctioning device.

During my conversation with the tech support agent, I provided an alternate call back number in the interim since my Verizon phone and number were not working.  The agent and I had discussed me going into a Verizon store for the replacement and subsequently receiving a call at the other number, but after failing to provide acceptable options, I assumed no call would be received.  In fact, after my call with the agent, I called to confirm that I would not be going into a Verizon store and the second tech support agent I spoke with confirmed this.  Yesterday, I received multiple missed calls from Verizon and when I called back to inquire about them, I was only told that each of them was to check and see if I had reconsidered the options.  I expressed my unequivocal rejection of the three devices and thanked the representative.  More recently, this morning, I've received five calls from Verizon and was asked once again whether I had reconsidered the three replacement devices offered.  I explained how I had already declined them multiple times and that it was unnecessary for me to continue receiving numerous calls on the same topic.  Further, as if multiple calls weren't bad enough, the calls last night occurred around 11 PM and the calls this morning occurred about 7 AM.

I'm disappointed that Verizon has been so unprofessional and inflexible in assisting me.

Re: Lemon After Lemon

This story just keeps getting better...

After begrudgingly deciding to accept another Rezound as a replacement, I was happy at the thought of just having a working device again.  Little did I know that Verizon Wireless had alternative plans.  I was first told that the replacement device would arrive to me by 10 AM, but no.  An attempted delivery was made at 1 PM.  I thought it wasn't a big deal and just decided to pick up the device from the FedEx warehouse.

I arrive at the FedEx warehouse on time.  The package looks to be in good shape, etc, etc.  I go home, I prepare the joys of recustomizing my device (again), and I open up the box.  Wrong replacement phone.  Instead of a Rezound, I received... drum roll... an HTC Thunderbolt after expressly reverberating that it was a step down, not comparable, and not a desired replacement option by any stretch of the imagination.

Verizon, you have yet to stop disappointing me.

Re: Lemon After Lemon

I, too, have had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with this TERRIBLE phone! And, Verizon has refused to do anything to make it right.

I have gone through at least NINE rezounds in the last year, 4 batteries, 5 SIM cards and 3 phone chargers. No exaggeration.

Phone after phone keeps crapping out on me, with a variety of problems, from no longer accepting charge, to frying altogether and just bricking. The email feature has never worked, other than on the very first Rezound I purchased brand new from the store, and that brand new phone lasted approximately 4 weeks before the phone, battery AND sim card all fried and had to be replaced, and it has been a non-stop miserable roller coaster ride since then, with replacement after replacement of this horrible phone and Verizon refusing to do anything to rectify the situation with an acceptable replacement of a comparable phone that is NOT htc.

Like nhp, they have offered me inferior phones as options for getting away from this Rezound, and none are acceptable replacements. I am beyond furious with Verizon and their complete lack of regard for their long time customers and utter refusal to make any real effort to remedy this situation and make it right.

I also find it insulting and angering that for each problem that each phone has had, Verizon always says that they have never heard of this issue happening with this phone, blah blah blah....well, just reading around on this forum, as well as others, it is obvious that is an outright LIE. Thousands of unfortunate HTC Rezound victims have had and are having the exact same problems and it is impossible that Verizon is not very well aware of them all.

At this point, I feel that my only option is to leave Verizon altogether and go to one of their competitors who may actually care about taking care of their customers. And I will never purchase another HTC device as long as I live.

Re: Lemon After Lemon

If you're a long time customers maybe Verizon Loyalty team can help you 877-873-3278