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My Wife, father in law, and I all have the Rezound since April and are getting fed up with the issues that we are having. We are hoping that someone can shed some light into the issues that we have.

1. the biggest issue is the fact that the phones do not pick up calls. It does not seem to matter where we are we have this issue on all three of the rezound's. One of us will call the other, the caller hears the ring, the phone that is being called never rings, and then goes into voicemail. Can call multiple times and it is the same thing. We have resorted to sending txt messages saying "call me" to prove we called, which is just plan stupid.

2. Calls don't go through. Gets stuck on "Dialing" takes 30+seconds or you have to try multiple times to get a call to go through.

3. all 3 phones will drop 4g service and go to 3g or 1x. The only way to get it back to 4g is reset the phone or sometimes toggling airplane mode works. My wife can be sitting next to me in 4g on the internet on her phone and mine will be in 1x. This could last for 30 minutes with no change.

4. Phone randomly resets. For example today I was taking a few pictures. When I would leave the camera active and the screen would time out (and turn off) the phone would reset when I tried to turn the screen back on (happened 5 times in a row today)

5. Random data connectivity issues. I have an Iphone for work that is linked to the same email as my rezound. There are times where the iphone will buzz and the rezound will not get the message for 30-45 minutes (unless the phone is reset).

Verizon told me that this is a "network issue" but to me is sounds like the devices are crapping out. Can someone please help? I want phones that work!!!!

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I too have had all the problems you have mentioned and many more.I am on my 2cd replacement phone,have had the SIMS card replaced as well to no avail.I have come to the conclusion that this phone is junk.Why is customer service pretending my issues are new, and nobody else is having them,even though I see post after post of the same complaints?

Customer Service Rep

Hi there LaurieB!

By my count, you've reached two replacement devices too many. And if there's one thing I'm not a fan of, it's persisting issues when you've done everything on your end to try to fix them (replacing the SIM, replacing the phone, etc.). So, let's tackle this head on and get you back to a state where you're enjoying your device again.

Of course, I have to inquire into what seem to be the major issues here. Are you calls not coming through? Do data sessions not connect or are they slow? Does your phone also reboot itself? And what is your zip code? When it comes to some of the basics, I always like to advise folks to launch their devices into safe mode . That will disable your third party applications so we can better isolate what's going on and develop a course of action. We definitely don't want you feeling down in the dumps about your phone. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your response.

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