My HTC Rhyme will not power on...Ugh!

My HTC Rhyme is about  7-8 months old.  Today, after charging all night, it simply shut off.  I am unable to turn it on to complete any type of troubleshooting. I took the back off and remembered that there is not removable battery or anything.  I have seen other posts about this issue, is this an ongoing issue.  Is it covered by a warranty replacement.  I would like to know what I am supposed to do.  I have tried placing it back on the charger and sometimes the icons at the bottom light up or the green charging light comes on, but it will not power up.  If I receive an email, I hear the notification, but still nothing.  Help please.  Any advice would be great.

Re: My HTC Rhyme will not power on...Ugh!
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     I recently had this problem as well. I also expect to have it in the future because I haven't found a real solution.
I took my phone to a Verizon store while it was acting up and refusing to power on. They plugged it into their power adapters and still no luck. Verizon ended up sending me a new phone without making a big deal of it, thankfully, but unfortunately the question of what was wrong with the phone still hasn't been answered. 

      My best suggestion is run it to a Verizon store while it's refusing to power on. 😕

I'm crossing my fingers that this won't be an issue for phone #2.

Good luck!

Re: My HTC Rhyme will not power on...Ugh!
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Tahra, I'm sorry to see that your phone powered off and won't power back on! If the phone is making sounds when it receives notifications, it is receiving power, but the display is out. If the power button isn't turning on the screen, then attempt an alternate reset If no change, the device will need to be exchanged thru warranty. You can contact our technical support at 800-922-0204 option 3 or send me a direct message.

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