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My HTC Rhyme won't turn on

I woke up and found my HTC Rhyme in the white HTC screen. I tried plugging it in to charge but it already had full battery. The light to show it was charging wouldnt come on. I did a soft reboot by holding in the power button for 10 seconds, it did nothing. I did a hard reboot by holding power, volume up and the home button all together, still nothing. So i finally went to hard reset it by pushing the volume down and briefly pressing the power button then clicking on factory reset.

My phone keeps turning on to the HTC screen and then turning off again.

I really need help since I can't call verizon since this is my only phone and its 6am.

Re: My HTC Rhyme won't turn on
Customer Support

I'm terribly sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this issue with your HTC Rhyme. I definitely want to assist you with getting your device up and running as soon as possible. As a frequent cell phone user, I can't imagine being without a cell phone.

I do notice you have done a considerable amount of work on your own. I would suggest placing the device in Safe Mode which temporarily disables applications from the Android Market.

1) With the device powered down, press and hold the power button.
2) When the HTC logo appears, press and hold the volume down key.
3) Release the volume down key when safe mode appears is displayed in the lower left ( This can take up to 30 seconds)
4) After this has been completed power cycle the device.

I truly want to apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced. We want to ensure that this problem is fixed as soon as possible.

VZW Support
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