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My Thunderbolt began to overheat, kill the battery in 30-45 minutes (extended Bat.)

Purchased my Verizon Thunderbolt in December with a 2G Data
Package. Verizon stated that 2G is what the average adult uses so I left the
Data Package size alone.

The phone worked great from December to January other than
having to charge the battery 3x's a day until I purchased the extended battery.

In February, the phone started drawing the extended battery down
in a 30-45 minute window while heating up all by itself while it was sitting on
my work desk idle.

I received a text from Verizon telling me that unless I cease
using the Data Plan or get a bigger data package I will go over. Just to be
safe and never owning this kind of smart phone before I purchased 5G.

I took it in to a Verizon store, the tech looked it over up and
down and said that there is strange app's running, all is fine, the problem you
have is that you change your battery overnight thus you have killed the

I purchased another extended battery; the same thing happened
again. After two days I went back to the Verizon Store and again the Verizon
Tech saw nothing. At this point I told him to back it up and restore it factory
settings. Since this was done the thunderbolt is back to normal.

The tragic event that happened is that I received a text message
from Verizon stating that I owe $900+ for February also Verizon did not even
bother to send me a courtesy text of this extraordinary usage daily during

There were two days in February where from 1:00pm to 3:30pm my
phone drew 3.2G and 5.1G while the phone was on my desk, nothing running, just
draining the battery dry and overheating.

I called Billing, called Fraud, called their Data Department and
none of them knew why this happened, they could not find a source or any kind
of problem other than a comment made by the Data Department saying that
something is clearly wrong and inconsistent: the Technician said, you have been
using well below the 2G monthly and all of a sudden in one week of February 57G
of Data Usage occurred and then went back to normal.

I explained to Verizon that I have Charter 30Mps at home and a
T3 line at work, why in world would I waste my time on this tiny phone video
streaming which was their first excuse. I do not watch videos at home, only TV
for 1.5 hours a day. In fact, I hate wasting a nice day watching a movie and
hate even more staying home to watch a flix when I could be dancing in a club
with my gorgeous wife.

I do not have any strange apps on my thunderbolt, nor to I
download or video stream on my phone or anywhere.

Verizon is holding me responsible; I have no option to cancel
all service and be liable for $1,000 in early contract termination fees plus
the $900 of data overage.

Needless to say I am writing to the District Attorney, FCC, 60
Minutes, and posting this information all over Facebook, Twitter and all other
public domains.

Verizon Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: My Thunderbolt began to overheat, kill the battery in 30-45 minutes (extended Bat.)
Verizon Employee

Hello Demestre,

     I apologize for the delayed response.  I certainly understand your frustration with the device and the data overage.  I am glad to hear that the device is working as it should now.  It would be my pleasure to further analyze your account and determine a solution.  We greatly value your business and would hate to lose you as a customer.  Please send me a Direct Message with your account information and I can review our best option.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,


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