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My Thunderbolt no longer charges the battery

My Thunderbolt has been my baby since I picked it up on 3/17/11.

For the past few weeks, neither of my  batteries (Extended or Standard) would charge past 72%, often not getting past 30%.

Then the killer:  It stopped charging batteries totally.  I have not been able to power on my cell phone for 3 days now.

I brought it into my local Verizon store and the answer I got from them:  Phone is out of warranty; Told me I should check Craiglist for a new phone if I don't want to pay out-of-contract prices for a replacement phone.  I couldn't believe it. 

This makes me wonder what I'm paying $150-$200 per month for.

Re: My Thunderbolt no longer charges the battery

My Thunderbolt did the exact same thing. Turned out the charger port was damaged. It must have gotten hit or dropped and was warped a little. The charger didn't fit snugly and wiggled out easily as well. Took it to VZW store, and long story short, they said it was too expensive to replace under their warranty, so I had it replaced with my Assurion warranty for $99. New (refurbished) phone works like a charm. Just still waiting on ICS.