No power off option screen.

Just like Brandon_01 and ms_kay (linked to forum posts), I am not given the power off option screen when I try to shut down or restart my HTC Rhyme. This is especially frustrating because I just received this phone as a warranty replacement when my previous phone (bought 11/2011) began doing this same thing. The first time, I called customer service and was walked through troubleshooting and then a hard reset, which fixed it for a couple weeks but then it began doing it again, so Verizon sent me a replacement.

Here's what happens:

I hold down the power button. No power options screen appears. (If I hold it for 5 seconds, it just goes to sleep mode. I have to hold it for at least 10 seconds).

This shuts it down in what I guess is called a "soft reset". That means my phone takes FOREVER to come back on, but it does turn on.

Next time I want to shut it down, I have to do it all over again.

I don't see a point in hard resetting, knowing that more than likely the problem will just start happening again and I am tired of going through and restoring all of my info and settings.

Could it be one of my apps? I mean, I didn't download anything that immediately made it do this, and I didn't change my settings and subsequently have this happen. It just doesn't make any sense.

Could be reason enough for me to try to get rid of my Rhyme.

Any help?

Re: No power off option screen.
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Good Afternoon sarenj,

That must be frustrating when your handset will not respond to your attempts to power it off. Have you verified that the software is up to date? I have included a link below to assist you. The latest version is: 1.26.605.11; Baseband:

If the software version is up to date, please try running the device in safe mode. This will help determine if any downloaded apps are affecting the device.

If the behavior is the same after running in safe mode, please complete a hard reset.

I hope this information is helpful.




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Re: No power off option screen.


Thanks for validating my frustration!

My software is up to date. I ended up hard resetting (oops, I didn't know how to do a safe mode test first), and it is working normally again. If it does do it again later, I am glad to know how to run it in safe mode so I can narrow down the cause more readily before hard resetting.

You were very helpful, and thanks again.