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OTA Won't Apply to my Phone

My phone will seemingly randomly reboot to try to apply the update, but it fails and I have to battery pull and reboot. I will post more information on what it says next time it happens.

In the mean time I can tell you this..Under settings in the "Software Update" section.

When I click Status i see this:

Source: Verizon Wireless

Name: ADR6425LVW_2.01.605.11-1.02.605.6

Status: Download Failed

Code: 412

Date: 2/20/12

Time: 10:51 AM

Description: This software update etc etc etc.

When I go to "Check New", it looks for a few seconds, and then says "No new software update available." So alas.. what's the dealio..

Also under "Software information" in the about phone it shows:

Software number 1.02.605.6 - I believe this is old one.. right?

OTA Won't Apply to my Phone

I think you can do the OTA over wifi, which may give you a little more reliable data connection for downloading it.  It may not find the update immediately after a fail, so wait a little while before checking.  The new software version is 2.0.605.11, so your phone is still on the old version.

Re: OTA Won't Apply to my Phone
Sr. Leader

Give this a try pull the Battery while the phone is on an then hold in on the power button for at least 20 Seconds reinsert the Battery an try the O.T.A. if then doesn't want to take it.  Call Verizon C.S. an ask for Tech to see if they can assist you thru the Update you might have to do a Factory Reset. but that would be a last straw kind of thing but give that a try an see if that works an gets the O.T.A to push thru.

Re: OTA Won't Apply to my Phone
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I'm sorry that the most recent update was not installing on your device. Have you been able to successfully install this update after the great suggestions from our other community members? If not, please feel free to send me a direct message so I can assist further with this update.

Thank you,


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Re: OTA Won't Apply to my Phone

I am having problems with this process.  Just received my new phone today and it won't update to the new version.  Checking for new version it says that none is available.  Currently have 1.02.605.6.  Download Failed, Code 412.  Any help?