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Only getting 1x and spotty 3g coverage in Las Vegas


Its been like this for a 3-4 days. I have the OTA update and I get 1x and when I do connect to 3g there is no up or down link.  I've restarted my phone, took out the sim and did a factory reset. Don't even get me started with 4g. I'm apparently in a 4g area but cant even get 3g. I also dropped 3 calls yesterday.( could have been the horrible overseas expedia support)


My girlfirend has the Droid X and it seems to  be doing the same thing


Will verizon expand their 4g coverage ever? I've been pretty dissapointed with the service/speed and coverage thus far. 


Are there network issues in SW Las Vegas? 


oh and besides not getting any data I'm getting the awful random reboots too. 

Re: Only getting 1x and spotty 3g coverage in Las Vegas

I'm experiencing the exact same thing.  I've only had a random reboot once.  But, on top of what you expressed, I've also had horrible battery drain. 


I've toggled back and forth between CDMA auto and CDMAauto + LTE.  Go from 1X to 3G to 4G.  When I hit 4G, everything stops.  I can't run Pandora, browser or SpeedTest. 


I got on another forum and did the dial ##78# to reset the RevA to "enable" from eHRPD.  That was supposed to fix it.  It was working for a while.  My 4G was up and running.  I have 2 bars at my house and have been able to browse and run YouTube for a while...and then...nothing.


Something seriously bad has apparently happened to the radio with this past update.  I was buckled in for the battery issue. After all, I basically have a laptop as a phone.  But, this connectivity/radio issue is crap.


I called Verizon, who conferenced in a rep from HTC.  The HTC rep actually said that they had nothing to do with the update.  Obviously, that wasn't accurate.  So, I told the rep that I would do the hard reset and if that didn't work to my satsifaction they would need to send me a new phone.  She agreed.