PUK code is locked

I went to use my phone this morning after it died last night from a dead battery and it is now telling me that my PUK code is locked. After much research here and through google, I have discovered what it means and have located my unlock code my My Verizon. I have read the tutorial about where to enter in the unlock code, however I do not know how to get to the screen it is showing in the tutorial. Any advice is greatly appreciated, as I don't have access to a phone to call Verizon until this evening.

How do I get to this screen? My emergency dialer does not come up, only my regular call screen. I pulled up my emergency dialer and it does not look like this.

Enter the PUK code then select Next

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Re: PUK code is locked
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We want you to continue to enjoy your Thunderbolt mommym! Are you still having difficulties? It appears you should be able to enter your PUK code in the screen captured in your screen shot. Were you able to retrieve the PUK code? Have you tried removing your SIM card? These questions will help determine our next steps.


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