Part of Touchscreen Not Working Intermittently
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Next in the chronicles of broken Thunderbolts comes a touchscreen that intermittently does not work.

While typing a text message, I could not hit where the 'n' is, and I had to hit on the outside of the 'b' and 'm' area. I thought it was a fluke, but I could hit anywhere else and it worked perfectly. So I pulled open 'Chalk Ball' and tried to use the screen in the same area, but input was not taken there.

A minute later it works again.

It has since gone out two or three times, for a minute or so. Not always while sending a message nor using the keyboard.

I am trying to figure out how to reproduce it so I can go to the store and get a 4th replacement.

Has anybody else had the problem?

Re: Part of Touchscreen Not Working Intermittently

Recently my Thunderbolt stopped working on the left mid portion of the screen.  It is intermittent...and is normally resolved by restarting my phone.