Phone Reboots after switching from WiFi to 3G (or lack thereof I should say)


When WiFi kicks off because I'm no longer near the hotspot, 3G data connectivity (not a 4G LTE area), I do not get 3G data connectivity. I then try the "Airplane Mode" trick, which upon exiting will cause a fairly consistent reboot.


It is more pronounced when using GPS software at the same time as the airplane mode trick. If the phone is freshly booted (power cycle by removing battery) this trick will work the first few times. It will then get stuck in this mode of rebooting again.


GPS Apps: Waze or Google Nav/Maps/Latitude


It is really annoying to lose mobile data connectivity if the WiFi antenna is ever used. I've now resorted to turning off WiFi and enabling 3G/4G data manually, but with little success of avoiding a reboot or getting actual 3G data. And no, I'm not in a dead spot for 3G. It works fine if I never turn on WiFi.


Should I bring the phone to a VZW Store for eval? Will I lose all my apps (and more importantly the saved data from the apps) if my phone needs to get swapped out?

Re: Phone Reboots after switching from WiFi to 3G (or lack thereof I should say)
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I can understand how frustrating this can be to deal with this. We certainly need to complete some troubleshooting to determine the root cause of your issues. I can confirm that if a Factory Reset is completed you would lose all applications and data not saved to your SD Card. You would be able to re-download the applications. Any applications that were paid for can be downloaded again for no charge. If you still are in need of assistance, please send me a PM and include your wireless number. I will call and assist you. 




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