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Progressively worse 4g connection

Ok so I've seen a lot of people having 4g connection issues. I just figured I'd share my specific problem. When I first got my phone in May the 4g connection was fine. I was amazed at how fast it was. A couple weeks later I started noticing the occasional 4g drop and the phone would switch to 3g. But this would only happen for less than a minute and I figured maybe I was just passing by a bad location. Maybe a week later in June I started noticing I was losing 4g more and more often and it would stay on 3g longer and longer. In my phone's current state, I have 4g connection for maybe 20 to 30 seconds when I reboot my phone. Other than that, my phone is almost always on 3g except for the occasional 30 seconds of 4g connection. As I understand it, 4g capable phones run 3g and 4g through SIM cards. So I don't believe it's a SIM card issue since I at least have 3g connection. I'm wondering if this is a flaw in the firmware or the hardware. Has anyone had this issue of your 4g phone slowly degrading and turning into a 3g phone? I see some people get total loss of data connection. I don't have that, thankfully.

Re: Progressively worse 4g connection
Customer Support

That is no fun Squirrelgod! I would be happy to assist with getting this issue fixed. Do you drop 4G indoors only? Has the sim card ever been replaced? Try to remove the sim card for 30 seconds, place back in. If the issue persists, toggle airplane mode on and off. I would like to review the coverage in your area. What is your zip code?

Thank you,

Lena A.
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Re: Progressively worse 4g connection

I'm having the same issues.  We have 3 rezounds in the house.  They all consistently lose connectivity.  Consider yourself lucky that yours goes down to 3g!  We lose connection completely.  I really don't want to go through the hassle of a warranty replacement on 3 phones.  We may just buy out the contracts and go elsewhere.  There is a local provider handing out $200/line credit for switching.  I don't expect the service to be great, but we'll be paying a lot less for the same crappy connection.