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Reboot loop and dropped connection issue

I bought a Rezound last April and within the first week the connection had dropped and I couldn't get a signal in an area that I know has 4G service. I went to Verizon and the rep did a hard restart on it and said that it should fix it. A week later my phone went into an infinite reboot loop. I brought it to Verizon again and they couldn't figure it out. He told me the only other thing I could do was return the phone and get a NEW one, so I agreed. When the "NEW" one showed up my wife noticed it was REFURBISHED. When I called them they said that they will only replace with a refurbished one and that they are mostly returned because the owner upgraded and they are just as good as a new one. I explained that I just bought this phone a couple weeks ago and I didn't pay $200 for a used phone. I told her I at least wanted $50 off my bill seeing how a refurbished phone would have cost me only $150. Of course the response I got was, "I'm sorry I can't do that but I can reassure you that the refurbished one is put through alot of tests to make sure it is the same quality." Well that doesn't make me feel any better seeing how the rep at the store reassured me that this phone was AMAZING, better then the IPhone (which is what I was there to get in the first place!). He also told me that IPhones weren't 4G capable, that IPhone named it the IPhone 4 as a marketing tactic to make people believe it was 4G, I obviously found out that was a lie seeing how IPhones are 4G capable with AT&T just not Verizon. I would understand replacing with a refurbished or not offering a discount if the phone was more then a couple months old but a couple weeks, seriously? I got so frustrated that I told her I wanted to cancel my service with them. She then informed me that I would have to pay the cancellation fee because their return policy states that I have only 15 days to change my mind. I was on day 17! I decided not to return my phone because my wife did some research and found out it was a very common problem and most people were on their multiple returned refurbished Rezound and were still having the problem, she also found some forums on HTC with tips on how to fix it and it worked, at first. My phone hasn't done the infinite reboot loop recently, but at least once a week my phone will loose 3G and 4G service or freeze so I have to do a hard restart on it which makes it loose all my info. I went to Verizon and asked the rep if I could just replace it with an IPhone seeing how it is the same price and same capabilities but he informed me that I would have to call the warranty department and they would send me a NEW rezound, which I responded with "Not NEW, refurbished" I feel that they should not be able to knowingly use the word new unless it is not used! I don't understand why these phones haven't been recalled seeing how many people are having the same problems that aren't being fixed even on ones that are tested so well! I also don't understand why Verizon is selling phones they know have problems without warning consumers first, and then charge me for service that is obviously unreliable. Why would Verizon think that I'm going to keep them as my service provider after my contract is up if they sold me a phone that I can't even keep my contacts, apps, or info on without giving me the option to exchange it for a similar device, it would benefit them seeing how I would then enjoy actually using my service and would extend my contract with them. The amount of money it would put them back to exchange my phone for a different one would be significantly less then 24 months of payments. I'm so frustrated, I was going to add my wife to the plan resulting in more money for Verizon, but now we are debating on paying the cancellation fee, have my wife start a plan at AT&T (which is only a few dollars more and offers rollover), and wait a couple of months to add myself to her plan (the couple of months I don't pay for a cellphone would equal the same amount as the cancellation fee, it's not like I can use my service alot of the time anyways), I don't want to have to go through all that hassle but if I have to deal with this much longer I will have no other option and it will be less hassle in the long run. Sorry about all the ranting but after this experience I am so frustrated! Does anyone know if I can store my contacts and apps on my SD Card so I don't have to keep re-entering it when I have to do a hard restart? Has anyone had any luck with getting Verizon to do an exchange? I saw one person said they got their wife a new back and it fixed it, has this worked for anyone else and did you get it from Verizon?

Thank you

P.S. I overheard the sales rep telling someone that the new IPad is 4G capable on their network. Wait, but the IPhone isn't? Why? So far my experience with this company has been a little shady so far, my fingers are crossed that this gets resolved and things get better.

Re: Reboot loop and dropped connection issue
Sr. Member

The warranty with any cell company is a refurb, same with any electronics. After 14 days you get a manufacture replacement or you can send your phone off to HTC for 2-3 weeks and get your phone back (prob zero issues with the actual phone itself)

the rezound is better than the the right hands. Millions have it with ZERO problem

Do you use go launcher, juice defender or advance task killer? Do you keep your apps up to date?

The iphone4 is named by apple and has zero to do with the 4g LTE.. you can use it on 4g on att/sprint/tmobile but thats not LTE.  The new ipad has the chipset to support lte

Re: Reboot loop and dropped connection issue
Super User
Super User

Only on AT&T, T-Mo doesn't have it, and Sprint's WiMax is not compatible.