Reboots!!!!!! not again!!!!
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So my phone has decided to start rebooting again. I tried restart, battery pull, uninstall the last apps I downloaded. Im guessing I'm going to have to factory reset phone, but I'm trying to avoid it. This is my 3rd one since I bought it in April of last year. The other ones had hardware issues

Re: Reboots!!!!!! not again!!!!
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Motoryder, I can definitely feel your frustration over having a phone that reboots constantly. You are right, you may need to complete a factory reset, but before you do that boot the phone into safe modeand leave it there for awhile to see if it is still rebooting. If not, then there may still be a conflict with an application. Try removing other applications. If the problem is still occurring, then a factory reset will be needed.



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