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Rezound Dropping Calls

Okay, I've had the HTC Rezound for about 10 months now and have had pretty smooth sailing with it.  However, lately there's been a huge problems.  Sporadically over the past few months my phone has been dropping calls.  I'll be chatting with someone for about 20-30 minutes and all of a sudden, without me moving, the person will start to break up and then BEEP the call is dropped.  Previously, a battery/sim pull would improve things, however today it has not.  I've tried switching it from 3G/4G to just 3G, I've reseated the battery and SIM, no good.  I really am trying to avoid a reset, just tried calling Tech Support but they are in the middle of a computer update and can't help me right now.  My phone shows 3G and full bars and is having no problem with data connectivity.  Also I live in the middle of town so I'm not in a weak signal area at all.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you!


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Re: Rezound Dropping Calls
Customer Support

Hi Casey!

I'm sorry that we were not able to previously assist with your device, and for the concerns you are having. I researched and found no issues relating to the unique situation you have described. I would like to look further into this for you. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message.

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Re: Rezound Dropping Calls

Yes, this has been a recent problem for me as well here in Los Angeles. I have had my Rezound for 4 months and upgraded to ICS in August.

I can no longer keep a call without it dropping in my apartment. Lately from my apartment my phone has 2 signal bars before a call, then drops to 1 bar during the call, then zero and drops out completely. This has been happening since September and I have never had this problem before. I thought I was the only customer experiencing this. Either this is a ICS issue or the phone's antenna is flawed.