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The Rezound has the most powerful hardware of any phone out there, yet the support is horrible. I could care less about the Sensation getting ICS first or the One on its inferior network. It's possible HTC is unhappy with Verison due to the fact that 2 other phones launched almost simultaneously, but after all the Vigor's delays who fault is that really. Then there was the botched marketing with Beats. Any phone can play music, this should have been marketed as the fastest phone available on the best network.

I was really hoping HTC would hold true to thier ICS promise. To me early 2012 is Q1 but still no update in sight. Now I just wish an OTA would fix my growing list of problems including:

SD card unmounts. I have removed my SD card after moving everything to internal storage. I got tired of my pictures and music disappearing randomly.

Even with no SD card my ringtones and notifications change randomly including stock ones.

LTE slower since last update

Took forever to get Facebook pictures to sync in people.

Battery drain inconsistent.

So now all I can do is wait. Maybe get an Incredible 4G.

If you have issues post here as well. Maybe soneone from HTC will care.

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I had similar problems once I downloaded the update, reported them to Verizon and as expected was shipped a replacement but I was quite fortunate that the replacement had the old software on it. I have not been prompted with the update yet and its been about a month. The phone works MUCH better with the old software, not one issue.

Verizon Employee

Hi ccaptain00,

I understand your discontent; I would not be very happy if my phone had all the issues outlined on your post. While the issues you mentioned will most likely be resolved with a future software update (No estimated date, sorry) I would recommend to try the troubleshooting steps below to improve your phone's performance.

First, run your phone in Safe Mode to ensure no 3rd party applications conflicts exist. If the issues stop while in safe mode then you must identify the bad application and remove it for good. Lamentably, there is no easy way to identify the conflicting application and you would have to remove all and then install one by one testing performance before you add the next application.

You can also do a Factory Reset. Setting the phone back to its original factory settings has resolved similar issues for others. Trying will not hurt anything and may greatly improve your phone's performance. Please make sure to back up your data before doing a factory reset.

If the above steps do not resolve your concerns please reach out to me via direct message and I will be happy to explore option of a Certified Like New Replacement with you.


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