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Rezounds many technical issues

I have had my HTC Rezound for right at a year.  I have replaced the SIM card twice, had the phone replaced once (in September 2012) and now it's spazing again.  I now have issues where the screen will come up as a split duplicate screen, or it will go all fuzzy like it can't figure out what it should be displaying.  When you press the power button to turn off the screen and press it again to bring it back up it clears it.  Also, the volume button will no longer change the ringer volume, it will only change the media volume.  I shut it off to reboot it and I get the message that this phone needs a SIM card to work (which it has) and then it goes away and finishes the boot process.  I have not downloaded any new apps in over a month.  My phone is in an Otterbox case and I'm careful with it....can someone please tell me if you are having the same problems and if I can fix it??

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Re: Rezounds many technical issues
Contributor - Level 1

By the sound of things, it seems you have a hardware issue and one that isn't easily solvable by forum members.  When pressing on the volume button, you mentioned that the display goes back to normal.  What might be happening, and I say 'might', is that there could be a connection issue between electrical contacts inside your phone.  I've taken the HTC Thunderbolt apart and I found several potential areas where intermittent connections could develop over time.

Intermittent connections can develop on any electronic device, no matter how good the quality may be.  A simple thing like taking apart and re-assembling your device could solve the problem.  If the problem gets bad enough and you're out of warranty, you don't have much to lose by taking it apart and putting it back together to see if doing so helps.

Sorry I can't be of more help.  Good luck.

Re: Rezounds many technical issues
Customer Service Rep

Kiwichik, we don't want your phone to keep spazzing out and getting fuzzy! Let's see what's going on. First, I would not recommend taking your phone apart while still under warranty, as it would void the warranty. Does the screen turn fuzzy after using any certain tasks or actions? Do you have an antivirus application installed? If so, please uninstall. When you adjust the ringer volume, are you on the main screen? Please boot the phone into safe mode to see if these issues persist. If not, then it may be one of the apps that were previously installed. If the issue persists, I recommend completing a factory reset

Let me know if you're still having problems.

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