Ringback tone didnt transfer

I recently got the Thunderbolt and my ringback tones didnt transfer over. I have tried numerous times to get into all the v cast apps and they will not open on my phone. I tried to do it on here and cant cause it is on another line not the primary line. Anyone else have issues with v cast or their ringback tones?  Starting to think Im really gonna hate this phone!!!  Also lose data connection had to do system reset 3 times already!!

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Ringback tones aren't stored on the phone, they are on the network.


If they are missing it's not because you have a Tbolt.  Having issues with vcast apps is not the same as losing your ringback tones.


Have you tried signing in to the site itself directly to set them?  Or make sure you still have a ringback tone subscription (which also wouldn't have disappeared for a phone upgrade).


You can do it from here, just don't log in as the primary number, register a member account for the number you're specifically trying to see the rbt for.