SIM card after the ICS upgrade
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Just asking.  I was also considering doing the factory reset because of multiple issues like everybody else has mentioned.

For the first time, I went to look at the cards on the Thunderbolt (never had a need to take them out before) and saw that my SIM card seems almost "melted".

Does this seem to make sense to you?  The phone does seem to run much , much hotter since the upgrade (and I'm following another user's recommendation to replace the battery after noticing the battery seems to not be holding a large charge and looks like it's "ballooning" in the middle).

Anybody else have what looks like a scorched or melted SIM card?

Re: SIM card after the ICS upgrade
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Wow, my sim card is okay however, the imei number and other info on the inner label smudged. I thought those were pretty much set in stone so to speak. I have never ever seen a phone label do that. Battery is good and it doesnt get too hot. I am stuck using the extended battery though because the two stock batteries I have won't stay charged but a couple of hours and I can't keep my phone plugged up all the time.

Re: SIM card after the ICS upgrade
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Hi rjstjohn1!

How bizarre. Considering software upgrades are designed to fix any issues you've been experiencing while enhancing other features, I'm terribly sorry to learn about what you've described here. After all, your SIM should never seem "melted" and your battery should not have altered either. So, let's fix all of this.

Without a doubt, my assessment of this matter is that your device's overheating may likely have caused both issues. I haven't seen any reports of this since the update but we want more than anything for you to have a device without all of this trouble. Of course, your SIM can easily be replaced in store at no cost to you, but may I ask if you either have insurance or warranty on your device? It may be best to look into a replacement battery. Please don't hesitate to let me know so we can take it from here until you've got a fully functional and non-problematic device.

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