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SMS Error: Cause Code 3, Error Code 2

I can't send any text messages. This started today and I keep getting a network problems: cause code 3, error code 2. I've tried rebooting my Thunderbolt twice, turned it off for 15 minutes & took the battery out. Nothing is fixing the problem. Can anyone help?

Re: SMS Error: Cause Code 3, Error Code 2
Verizon Employee

Hi Haley45, 


I understand the importance of being able to send and receive messages. Since posting, are you still having this issue? I have checked my references and I am not showing what you describe as being a known issue with the Thunderbolt. The issue may be network-related.  So, I would like to ask a couple of questions to troubleshoot this issue. 


-Is this happening with all messages you send?

If not, is it a specific phone number? Do you notice any patterns with this issue (i.e., all numbers from another carrier) ?

-Are you able to receive messages?


Please send yourself a message to test your outgoing and incoming abilities. Let us know the results, so we can make sure this is resolved for you. 




Re: SMS Error: Cause Code 3, Error Code 2
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

This appeared to been covered in Incredible thread and also the #3 code was reported with a possible solution on TechArena.


Code #1


AntonioC_VZW wrote:


kerrygillock wrote:

This is a issue in the switch, and can be resolved with a call to tech support to resolve.


Thanks for the input!


In fact the text messaging issues outlined in the original post will require a verification of the account provisioning and this can only be done by phone with a Technical Support representative.



Code #3


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Re: SMS error 3 on Verizon

This seems to be a transport error. This problem is caused if there is congestion on the cell network. I searched it on Verizon and I found no information about this error on Verizon. You should talk to your service provider and see what they can help you. They will give you the exact reason behind the issue and the timeline for the issue.


This may direct you to a solution if the solution isnt already listed..