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I am getting a replacement thunderbolt because my current touch screen is messing up.  I have some voice messages that are dear to me. How can I transfer my saved voice msgs to my replacement thunderbolt? I've tried forwarding to another number, but that doesn't work. Can I just forward them to my existing number and will they still be there unopened when I transfer to the new phone?

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Are you using the basic voicemail system or Visual Voicemail?  Voicemail is usually stored on the servers and would transfer automatically when activate the replacement.  I know I didn't have to re-setup my voicemail greeting or password when I transferred to the Nexus from the Thunderbolt.

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Hi killer1585,

Thank you to Ann154 for bringing up Visual Voice Mail. I have received voice mail messages that are very important to me, ones that I want to save forever. Adding Visual Voice Mail to your line will allow you the ability to permanently save the voice mail message to the memory card on your phone. You can then transfer the memory card information to your computer files using the USB cable, and you will have that message forever. It will be on your computer and, unless you re-format your memory card, it will be on the card.

Visual Voice Mail is a convenient mobile application for Verizon Wireless customers who want to view, listen, and reply to voice mail immediately and in any order without having to dial into the traditional voice mail system (*86) or listen to message prompts. Visual Voice Mail customers can also save important messages permanently to their device or device's external memory at no additional cost. Premium Voice Mail capacity and features are included in Visual Voice Mail. This service is available at $2.99 per month, using a Visual Voice Mail capable device.

Basic Voice Mail setup and password is required before being able to access Visual Voice Mail.  Here's a link that provides you, as well as other customers, all of the details of the Visual Voice Mail service.

I trust this information is helpful and provides you a way to save the messages you want. Have a good day!

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