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Seidio Case for Extended Battery - Good Price

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and get the extended battery.   I was getting about a full day on the regular battery using 3G and, if today is any indication, I will get about a full day on the extended battery using 4G, which I left it on today.  That being said, I guess it was a good buy because I'm going to assume I can get close to 2 full days of use while on 3G...and only use 4G when I'm downloading or possibly watching videos or movies (if we ever get Netflix access!). (Up Time is 13:52, Awake Time is 4:24, and battery is at 23%)


So, now I need a new case to accommodate the extended battery..  After doing a lot of surfing and reading, I ended up purchasing the Seidio Active case...seems like a winner for me and I'll post a review when I get it. 


As an FYI to anyone who is interested, I found the best price on this case at  The customer service was excellent before my purchase...very quick to respond to my emails...and I even waited until they got the case in stock before ordering.  A very good experience and the best price I could find online!


Re: Seidio Case for Extended Battery - Good Price

As a follow-up to my original post...and if it helps anyone else...


I did receive my Active Extended case a week or so ago.  It fits like a glove and is very snug in the holster (I bought the Active Extended Combo).  I am surprised at how smooth the case feels...almost like it could slip out of my hand...especially with how bulky the phone seems with the extended battery. Maybe it just needs a little time to break in.


Since I already had the extended case, I decided to buy the regular Seidio Active case to use with the standard battery.  To be honest, I much prefer the phone this way than with the extended battery.  No longer do I feel like I'm carrying a brick in my hand and I think I can live with 3G so my battery lasts longer.  I hope the upcoming "update/fix" helps with battery life so I can just use the phone this way all the time...we'll see.


The extended battery and Seidiio extended case will be kept aside and used on days when I know I won't have easy access to a being in meetings all I guess it was worth spending the money to have them...just wish I didn't have to spend it.


As with the extended case, I ordered it through - another great experience.  And, the regular Seidio case fits the holster that came with the extended case...a nice little plus!


Hope this helps!