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Sounding Muffled?

Is anyone else having a issue with sounding muffled while on a call? At least once a day I get someone telling me I sound really muffled and distanced. I just got the phone last Wedseday (Just switched to Verizon) and was wondering if this a common problem? If it is I was thinking about trying another phone even though I really love this one, I was having issues with the HTC Evo and even the replacements had issues and i'm kind of nervous to have to go through all that again.


Re: Sounding Muffled?

It could be a faulty phone. I have mine and the calls are crystal clear on both end.Even when its a little windy my calls at both ends are fine. Make sure your phone cover is snapped on completly. If you take your cover off youll notice the cover has gold metal on the reverse side. All those gold peices should be touching the gold conductors on your phone that basically is your 360 degree antenna. If that desnt work try a hard resset. If that fails go to vzw and get a replacement. Its a quality phone and is expected to get ice cream android 4.0 soon. Hope this helps.

Re: Sounding Muffled?
Customer Support


Good morning! I want to ensure you have a positive experience with your HTC Rezound. musicbeatsallday brought offers some great tips and information, thanks!  Is this still an issue? There were some audio concerns corrected with the latest software so I want to ensure you have this updated. Please go to Menu> Settings> Software Update to being download and installation. If the issue persists or the software is already up-to-date, please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message so I can assist with further options.

Thank you!
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Re: Sounding Muffled?

I have this issue with my Rezound and have the most current software update.  People regularly say my voice sounds muffled or they can't hear me.  Doesn't matter if it's on speaker or through the earpiece.  Please advise.