Stopping Facebook with messagig

I have the HTC Rhyme and DO NOT WANT my Facebook linked to my contacts.  I have that unmarked on my phone in my people, but when I go to send a text message, and type a name in, it pulls up BOTH Facebook and my contacts.  I have tried to completely remove the FB account, but then I am not able to upload pics to FB if I want. 

Also when I receive calls or make calls, it sometimes shows the call coming from a fb link instead of my phone link.

Any suggestions????

Re: Stopping Facebook with messagig
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You might try using Facebook for android application. I think it let's you up load photos and this will allow you to delete the account from sync. I would also suggest simply unchecking the sync contacts under accounts and settings but I believe you would still see them listed when dialing.

Re: Stopping Facebook with messagig
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Thank you lemew! Those are some great suggestions! Trin911 if you have removed the account and still have the Facebook contacts appearing, I would suggest you reset the phone. I have provided a link below for this.

Let us know if you need anything else!

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