Syncing Thunderbolt with Verizon's Software on PC

Any chance you got a clue why the Verizon software that the phone my Thunderbolt seems to insist on using when I plug it into my PC doesn’t include the Thunderbolt as a phone for a device so it is useless and I cannot put music or anything else on my phone with it? There are also no drivers available for this phone thru this software as a result for this phone. This is very frustrating.  I checked to see if I am running the latest version and it says I am. Any suggestions? I am running Vista if that is relevant. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Re: Syncing Thunderbolt with Verizon's Software on PC
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Good question: I plugged my phone and it looks like there may be an issue with the media sync drivers. I have V Cast Media Manager on my PC (free d/l from VZW). After using the media sync USB option on the phone I got an error, them the VCMM program auto launched. VCMM recognized the phn as HTC incredible and would not transfer audio files to the phone. 


I noticed I had forgotten to close the select USB mode window on the phone, clicked "done" with media sync radio button and tried again. Then I was able to use VCMM to transfer audio files. There is an iTunes tab in VCMM... I wasn't able to transfer songs directly from there. 


The media I selected to transfer is still loading and I need to move on, so I'll get back to the post later. I plan to attempt a straight file level transfer using the disk drive option. 


One option that looks intriguing is the HTC Sync option... It is billed as "sync contacts and calendar"