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Text Message Issue

How in the world can receiving text messages just stop?  How?  I can send text messages, but I can't receive them.  Online support could not solve the problem.  Repeatedly pulled the battery, power on/off...nothing brings it back.  Any ideas before I either throw this thing against a wall or do the dreaded factory reset?

Re: Text Message Issue

I think it's the network or something. I haven't been able to send or receive text messages to Verizon customers all day but to or from sprint and it works. 

Re: Text Message Issue
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

i had this issue nearly a year ago and witched to using handcent and the issue stopped. don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but i've used handcent ever since.

Re: Text Message Issue
Customer Support

Good Morning TBoltOwner,

I know it must be frustrating when you can't receive text messages. I would like to ask you some probing questions and offer some recommendations.

Are you using the standard messaging app or a third party app? Where is this happening? Is it in one specific location or is it in multiple locations? Is it happening with all of your messages or with just certain numbers? Can you receive calls from these numbers or any numbers?

I recommend deleting the messaging threads for starters and creating a new message to see if you can reply. If it is a third party messaging app, try to delete it and then re-download the app.

You can also run the device in safe mode for a while to determine if other apps may be causing the issue. I recommend doing this prior to a hard reset.

I hope this information is helpful.


VZW Support
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