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Text Message Notifications

Well, I like my HTC Rhyme, but there is this one feature that annoys the heck out of me; it could also just be a network problem. Ok, so every time someone leaves me a voicemail, I get a text message stating so. It states that it is coming from my number and the text message will read: UNHEARD-1 URGENT-0 TOTAL-

And then when I listen to that voicemail I get a second text message that states: UNHEARD-0 URGENT-0 TOTAL-

I already know that I get voicemails, I dont need an annoying text message stating so. How on earth do I get rid of this feature?

Re: Text Message Notifications

options feature... i had to turn mine off because it was annoying... but it is helpful at times like when you phone doesn't ring and you wanna know if its worth listening to the voice mail...