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Text Message incomplete or missing? Also-SMS editing / backspace malfunction...

First issue - sometimes I received text messages that are missing the last few words/characters. I don't think this is an Android or iPhone originated issue as this happens at random from people that I know have different types of phones. Sometimes the 160 character split will break up the message and send the rest in another message, but most of the time I never see the end of the message. I currently use the existing text messaging app in conjunction with the SMS pop-up. The issue was prevalent when I used Handcent and then uninstalled it to see if that was the problem. I have also uninstalled SMS pop-up to see if it was the problem with no luck. I have looked over the settings multiple times and still cannot find anything that would be causing this. Suggestions are welcome.

Second issue - when editing a text message in portrait mode I may erase multiple characters by holding down the backspace key. On occasion, the app flips out, reverts to showing the very first message that was sent or received for the contact, freezes momentarily, and then two buttons appear on the bottom giving me the option to Cancel or Delete. I will hit Cancel or use the back button on the bottom of the phone multiple times before it will return to my message, which at this point has saved as a draft. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. It does it only at random, but it seems to be getting more frequent. The only option most of the time is to go Home and then return to text messages, find my draft, and use the backspace key carefully (and one quick push at a time to erase) so as not to invoke the same issue.

I think both of these are bugs that may be inherent with this phone in particular or possibly Gingerbread...



Re: Text Message incomplete or missing? Also-SMS editing / backspace malfunction...

For the past few weeks I have only been receiving the first 160 characters of longer, multi-part text messages. The other part(s) never arrive. A friend with the same phone is having the same problem.

Re: Text Message incomplete or missing? Also-SMS editing / backspace malfunction...

I've been having this same issue for the past few months, in my case the problem seems to be more prevalent with text messages originating from other carriers (but not always, occasional partial incoming text issues from Verizon wireless phones as well).  I called technical support, followed all their advice (basic tech advice, power cycle, remove sim, reboot, etc.) and was also transferred to HTC support that recommended a hot fix, which didn't really do anything to resolve the issue, also then did a factory reset and still no resolution.  Not sure what other options I have....besides waiting for a new device when I am able to upgrade.  Off topic, I think its Bee S to not be able to upgrade to a new device within 2 years, when Verizon does not fully support, properly updated/hotfix, existing issues in a timely manner...why is it that we are using and outdated OS, when a new one is out and available.  Another compelling argument to purchase an iPhone (on any carrier), one device, one OS.....everyone gets an update at the same time, and phone issues are rapidly resolved. I can continue my rant, but I'll leave it as is...same issues, different day and I'm sure you've all heard the same rants of frustration.

Re: Text Message incomplete or missing? Also-SMS editing / backspace malfunction...
Customer Support


Wow, thank you for taking the time to do all of that troubleshooting with your phone! I wish you did not have these issues, since I know your time is valuable. I'd like to help you with this myself. If you are still having these issues with your device, please send me a DM with your name, your mobile number, a good contact number for you, as well as a good time to call.

In addition, with regard to the portion of your post that mentions the software, here's a link that tells you all of the devices that are to get ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) . I don't have a date for you as to when the update will be available, since the manufacturers of the devices complete the updates and push them to the phones. I want to let you know that this site is updated on a regular basis.

Thanks and have a good day!

Christina B
VZW Support
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Re: Text Message incomplete or missing? Also-SMS editing / backspace malfunction...

Having the exact same problem w/ truncation of txt messages from non-Verizon phones to my Thunderbolt...would appreciated talking to someone about possible fixes...



Re: Text Message incomplete or missing? Also-SMS editing / backspace malfunction...

My issue, Your ENTIRE SECOND PARAGRAPH. I could not possibly explain how many times I have lost my cool and get unbelieveably annoyed. Complain? Yes. Fix? No. Very Unhappy. As many are saying nearly a year left for the contract renewal.

Simply stay annoyed at this phone. Numerous issues. At random. One that gets me the most, that's just not acceptable...oh yeah, I do accept it, and will. No other choice until I can buy a new phone BEFORE renewal, which I'd prefer not. But definitely in plans.

Blah, Blah, and more Blah.