Text Messaging issue

We got our HTC thunderbolts back in February and March, and our service - verizon to verizon text messaging has gotten worse and worse.  My daughter is away at college, and one day I will receive her texts but she will not receive my responses, the next day it's the otherway around.  I'm sick to death of rebooting this phone!  She has 3G and occasionally 4G service on her campus, so I can't imagine it's a reception problem.  Has anyone else experienced this problem and have any suggestions on a fix?


We also have an in house signal booster from Verizon...was supposed to help reception; is it possible it's actually creating a problem?  So frustrated!!!  Didn't have this problem with any of our other phones.  HELP...PLEASE!!!

Re: Text Messaging issue
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It might and might not... the network extender isent ment for 4g devices but i might work if ur in 3g area. I would check the post the 15th day or something like that.
Re: Text Messaging issue
I had the same issue and was using a Network Extender and learned that the ISP I was using was my issue, the extender ask for a 1mg up and down transfer

That seem simple enough to give it but some of the carriers are not supplying this consistantly and the QOS (Quality of Service) gets effected.. And this can cause a intermitted connection when using the phone.

I had to have Time Warner to come out and run new lines to my house from pole before the issue was resolved for me and I think you may be having a similar issue..

Do you notice this issue more when you are at home of does it do it all the time?