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I just recently upgraded from an LG Cosmos (not the touch screen version) to the Thunderbolt.  On the Cosmos, I was able to go on different sites and download ringtones, and i was able to set them as either a ringtone or a text message notification.  But when i download on the Thunderbolt, I seem to be able to set them only as a ringtone, not as a text message notification.  Is there a way to download sounds and use them and text notifications?

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Here are 2 options to try:

-Connect your device to your PC via the Data Cable.
-On your device, drag down the Notification bar to open it and then touch the USB Icon: Select to change USB connection type.
-Select Disk Drive and touch done.
-On your PC, go to My Computer and your device will be listed as a removable disk drive.
-Open the disk drive by double clicking on it.
-Once open, you should see the contents of your SD Card.
-If you do not have a folder named Notifications, right Click and create one.
-Once you have created the Notifications folder, open it and drag and drop the files you want to be available for custom alerts into the folder.
-Once you are done, disconnect from your PC and you files will be available for selection under the Sounds & Display on your device.


open messages, menu button, settings, notification sound, pick which one you want there 

Hope one of these helps