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Thunderbolt HTC Sense Weather/Location Not working

All of a sudden in the last few days, my weather widget on the homepage, I believe this is the HTC Weather/Clock widget is not reading my location.

It just states "Current Location" instead of "Pensacola" like it did last week and all the days before.

Sometime it will show weather and sometime it won't.

1) I've tried deleting and reposting the widget again and telling it I was in Pensacola, but it did not recognize any where close to me.

2) I have tried rebooting.

3) I have tried pulling the battery and sim card for a few minutes and starting over.

4) I have tried Home -> Settings -> Location (all three boxes are checked, VZW Location Services, Standalone GPS Services and Google Location Services).

5) I have deleted all apps/widgets that I thought might be affecting it, nothing!

6) I have tried downloading new weather/clock apps/widgets and those don't recognize my location either.


Now here is the weird part, every other part of my phone recognizes I'm in Pensacola, FL.

When you pull up internet, Google is the homepage and it shows Pensacola, FL

If you pull up Maps it shows exactly where I am

If you pull up Navigator it shows exactly where I am


I'm just about to pull my hair out with aggravation. I know it shouldn't both me, but like I told my bf, as much as I paid for this bleeping phone something as small as "my location" ought to work!!!



Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

~Softball Mom~

Re: Thunderbolt HTC Sense Weather/Location Not working
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

i have no ideas. i just wanted to let you know though, that i was in FL last week and it did the same thing to me a few times. it would say "current location" instead of where i was (jacksonville). however, for the most part, it did update the just didn't say "jacksonville,fl." then.....strangely enough, during my layover in atlanta it said "jacksonville, fl"???????


try going to menu-->settings-->applications-->all-->htc weather sync provider-->clear data. don't know if it will help, but it's worth a try.

Re: Thunderbolt HTC Sense Weather/Location Not working

Same thing happens to me.  I live in Cranberry, PA north of Pittsburgh.  Verizon has corporate offices here.  The weather widget works in every town I am in around the area except where I live.  It either says Current Location or Pennsylvania.  Someone told me it has something to do with the towers.

Re: Thunderbolt HTC Sense Weather/Location Not working

I had the same issue at first here in OH.  After loading the newest update, it would show current location.  Tapped on the weather widget to show the extended forecast and then hit the reload button on the bottom left of the screen, shortly after it loaded my city.  You may have to do a factory reset, but we should all be pros at that by now since that's the common answer for any t-bolt problem lol.  Sorry to laugh, but you have to at some point.  If not, the ridiculous issues we've dealt with will become unbearable.  It's pretty bad when I have more software info than most tech reps I speak with.  I'm sorry ur having issues, hopefully it will be a simple fix for you.  Try reloading as suggested, then give it some time.  If that doesn't work, try the factory reset and then reload if possible.  Good luck, let me know if the issue continues and I will try to find another possible solution for you, as it may very well be more involved. Also, may help if you try on Wifi.