Thunderbolt: Hrmmm...

I find myself in a quandary regarding my new Thunderbolt. I’ll start off with the fact that I am a huge fan of Android and highly regard Verizon as a carrier. So here we go…

I recently purchased the Thunderbolt after doing my research on the phone to replace my “incredible” HTC Incredible. I’m a 20 year IT geek vet and walked into this new adventure already expecting the battery life to be dismal at best, but trading this off for 4G, a newer processor, a bigger screen, plus a few other nice improvements.

But as most of us do when we purchase a new mobile device, the primary expected function is the phone.  I am definitely disappointed with the phone quality aspect of the Thunderbolt compared to my Incredible. There is a very noticeable reception quality difference between the two devices.

The Thunderbolts GPS abilities are also inferior to my Incredible. The incredible, out of the box pinpointed my location right on the money. The Thunderbolt’s signal on the other hand is also significantly inferior. It will put me in the correct location after moving around 100+ yards in any one direction. Once at home (unlike my Incredible) it puts me about two miles away on a golf course. You would think “bigger, newer” phone: better processing power, better reception. Not true…

The sound quality was raved to be much better with the Thunderbolt and I found absolutely no difference, but then I wasn’t expecting a home theater quality sound so I’m kind of ok with that.

As for the 4G coverage, Verizon’s coverage map is not accurate. According to their 4G coverage map, my location had 4G for some ways out. I have to travel several miles out to acquire the Thunderbolts 4G capabilities, so it would be nice for a more accurate and truthful map.

Now for the good rockin’ stuff…

The Thunderbolt looks sexy, feels sexy, and wonderful on a 50+ year old guys eyes and fingers. It’s truly fast, wonderful display and if you already had an HTC device (car charger, extra home charger…) you didn’t have to re-purchase the extras as one would generally be required to do when replacing a phone.

So all and all, I’m not too sure I’m going to keep my Thunderbolt. I will give it a few more days and see what hits me harder, the pro’s or the con’s.

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On the note of the chargers: industry standard is now MicroUSB, the same charger that works for your Incredible/Thunderbolt works in my Samsung Galaxy S, Gerio's Motorola Droid X, and even most feature phones nowadays. It is the greatest thing to happen to the Cellular Industry >_>
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heck, i use my chargers from my envy touch for my incredible...and will for my tbolt.