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Thunderbolt Intermittant General SMS Error

Hi All,


I'm having serious problems sending text messages from my Thunderbolt to my wife's Thunderbolt and only my wife's Thunderbolt. 


About 50% of the time I'll get a General SMS Error, and 40% of the time I won't get an error on my phone but the text will never arrive at her phone.  She has no issues texting me and and I have no problems texting other people (I think at least).  This is very odd. 


Has anyone seen this issue or have any idea how to resolve it?


FYI, the following is background information.


General SMS Error

Cause Code: 65535

Error Class: 3


Plan: Nationwide Talk and Text Family 700

My Phone: HTC Thunderbolt

Wife's Phone: HTC Thunderbolt

Re: Thunderbolt Intermittant General SMS Error

I sometimes get message not sent errors mostly with MMS and resarting the device usually fixes it ( well I wouldnt say fix but sends the message )  I did email HTC on my SMS issues and this was their reply maybe it will help you. 



"Prior to performing a factory reset (as that's typically reserved for our absolute last step), I would strongly reccomend first trying to clear the message app's cached data, as this may also become corrupted and provide off and on issues, similar to what's happening with your phone's message count. I do, however, want to warn you that doing this will remove all messages from your inbox, but since the inbox looks relatively clean, anyway, it doesn't look like that's going to be a problem.

To do this: From your phone's main menu, select 'settings'> 'applications'> 'manage applications'> 'all'
locate 'messages', and then tap 'clear data'
And if you're comfortable with it, you may also want to considering clearing the data on 'dialer storage', as this is the application in your phone that stores text messages."

Re: Thunderbolt Intermittent General SMS Error

Thanks, unfortunately though those steps didn't help. 


I've read elsewhere that some believe the problem stems from the contact sync with FB.  I'm investigating that possibility now.

Re: Thunderbolt Intermittent General SMS Error

Same issue  occurs very often and I live in the Thornton / Brighton, CO area.

Re: Thunderbolt Intermittant General SMS Error

it is deffinitly htc sense and sync. I hate it and hate how you can drop 400 on a phone and it does this stupid stuff but that is the answer. now as far as fixing it, I dont have a great fix but what I have been doing is re adding that contact to my phone book and do link them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave it as is. oh and if the contact has a       +     in front of their number chances are good that you will get the sms general problems error. if someone has a better fix please help.

Re: Thunderbolt Intermittant General SMS Error

I have the same error with FB and non-FB people. My first Thunderbolt never had an issue. Had a problem w/the charge port and thankfully I had insurance. Now this refurbished model is having this SMS 65535 Error Class 3 issue. I changed the +1 for my husband's contact, and he does not have a FB account.


I will try to download a different GoLauncher and see if that works.


Any assistance is appreciated

Re: Thunderbolt Intermittant General SMS Error
Verizon Employee

Hello stefmac9!


Thank you for your posting and a thanks goes out to the community for their input as well. I have seen the issue you described on the VZW forums, as well as other forums, and other Thunderbolt owners are stating that a master reset will resolve it


If you have not already done so, please make sure you back up your data from your phone to your PC before perfoming the reset of the device. Simply use the USB cable, connect the phone to your PC and select "Mass Storage." 


Once your data is backed up, please follow these steps to complete the master reset


To Factory reset the phone:

Note: If device is non-responsive, try a soft reset first by removing battery and power on device.

  1. From the home screentouch Menu
  2. Touch Settings 
  3. Touch SD & phone storage
  4. Touch Factory data reset
  5. Tap Reset phone 
  6. Tap Erase everything

(Note: Reset may take anywhere from 1 - 10 minutes for reset and restart depending on amount of data on device.


Hard Reset Option 2

Press and hold down the Power Key (upper-right corner)
Select Power Off
Press and hold the Volume down key then press the Power / End key
When the HBOOT screen appears, release the keys

Press the Volume key to select Factory Reset then press the Power / End key


Please post back and let us know your results. Thanks very much!



Re: Thunderbolt Intermittant General SMS Error

I found a solution that worked for my phone.. for constant Sms Errors.
in settings,

power, uncheck 'fast boot" restart ..  (give it a couple minutes)

I didnt want to do a factory reset. so try this first.