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Thunderbolt Only Receives 1st Part of Long Text SMS Messages


For a long while now, my Thunderbolt will only receive the first part of multiple part text messages. What I mean by this is when someone sends a really long text and it gets split into multiple parts...

I looked online and someone suggested having the person hit resend on their message and it will always work from then on but doesn't seem to. It also seems intermittent; sometimes I do receive them but other times I don't - maybe it's if it comes from iPhones or another type of device?

I use the standard text message program on the Android, I don't have a 3rd party app for texts.

Any ideas? It's quite annoying, especially as I use the phone for business a lot and while I don't get lots of long texts from clients, sometimes it's bad form to send over a "Only got up to "x..." please resend second part".


Re: Thunderbolt Only Receives 1st Part of Long Text SMS Messages

sms are limted in characters

they might be using a 3rd party app to send longer ones that are causing the problems

they should use email for those long messeges


bad form on thier part