Thunderbolt dropping data connection etc...
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I titled this "Thunderbolt dropping data connection" but that is just one of the problems I have been having lately. My phone keeps dropping my wifi connection and toggling between that and 4G, is insanely slow (ex. took a minute to place a call), the clock time does not update, battery life has been reduced dramatically even on using an extended life battery, and it will crash and reboot in the middle of mundane tasks such as checking email. A few weeks ago I did a factory restore to try and fix these problems but that only lasted about three weeks. I know there is no problem with my wifi at home as my laptop and tablet have no connectivity issues. Ironically these issues started around the time a VZW agent on the phone screwed up and changed my plan without me asking for a change. I was happily on a grandfathered unlimited data plan and just called in to see how much it would cost to add additional minutes. Well he changed my plan and when he tried to submit a request to have it changed back he was told I had never been on such a plan even though I had for three years! Back to my question has anyone else had any of these same issues? I read the standard practice is to restore the phone to factory settings but I have already tried that. Anyone have any suggestions? 
I am running Android 4.0.4.

Re: Thunderbolt dropping data connection etc...
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I'm sorry for all the problems you've experienced with your phone anc account changes mbwellstx. Let's get this figured out! When do you did the Factory Reset, did you download same apps you previously had? I wonder if an application you may have isn't compatible with the phone, causing problems. Please try placing phone in Safe Mode for about 3 hours to see if this could be it. If this gets resolved, you can try removing applications to get this resolved. You can also try clearing memory:

Please keep us posted.

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