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Thunderbolt not receiving texts! Help

I have an HTC Thunderbolt. Have never had any problem with it before, have sent and received thousands of texts without a hitch! However, over the past four or five days I have discovered that I am not receiving text messages that others send. They can receive texts from me, but I do not receive their replies. I am missing a lot of important texts from work/family. Other's devices show that their texts were succesfully sent, but I do not receive them. Helphelphelp!!!

Re: Thunderbolt not receiving texts! Help

Sorry... but you need to find a new carrier.. I've had my tbolt for over a year and it has lately begun to screw up like yours is.  Been in contact with Cust Serv and all the vz techs, even with HTC (the phone maker) - they got NUTHIN'!!  What's worse?  They don't CARE.  Been a VZ customer for almost 14 yrs, service & equipment got worse and worse the past few years and now it's at the bottom of the pile.  Try Sprint or T-Mobile - hearing good things about those carriers. Just about anyone is better than VZ now.

Re: Thunderbolt not receiving texts! Help

I have had the following issues with thunderbolt.  These are all regular issues thT have been persisting now for almost 6 months....

- not sending texts (but no indication text was not sent)

- not receiving texts (verified one so man occasions that it cannot be blamed on network traffic or individuals just claiming to have sent text but didn't)

- inability to send mail (mail gets stuck in outbox)

- loss of network connectivity (in both 3G and 4G settings) preventing any online activity

- proximity sensor not working anymore resulting in phone switching to speakerphone or mute while on call

- hanging up on active calls and randomly dialing other individuals

I have spoken to tech support and visited the Verizon store multiple times.  I have done the obligatory:

- factory reset (and reinstall of only small umber of apps)

- swapping out of SIM card

None of these have solved the problem.  So basically I spent $250 for a "smartphone" that doesn't even operate reliable as a friggin' dumb phone.  Additionally I have been paying $30/month for unlimited data but find it impossible to use much of any data unless I am at home hooked up on my wifi.

I have been offered the generous plan of paying $200+ for any of new phones and also losing my unlimited data.  Somehow it doesn't feel right to shell over another $200+ in the hopes that a new phone will deliver the service I should have been getting with my bolt since July 2011.

As a Verizon customer since 1998 (cellular one back then) I expected more from big red.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting a different response.  I am struggling with the thought of riding my contract out until July and taking my 4 lines to another carrier.  After all shouldn't $5,000 in service charges mean something?

The only thing I am confident of is I will NEVER buy a HTC device ever again whether I stick with Verizon or not. 

Re: Thunderbolt not receiving texts! Help

It is not an HTC issue. They actually make pretty good phones. It has to do with the Ice cream sandwich software update. I am having the same text issue. After talking to Verizon 4+ times factory resetting and doing other tricks that did not work they told me it sounds like a software issue and that they can not do anything for it. Switching to at&t once contract is up.