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Thunderbolt rebooting while in another service area

I just read about the random reboots via Engadget. I experienced this behavior this past weekend while across the state. I live in Spoikane, WA, but was in Longview, WA last weekend. I ran the update the first day it was available and have not had any issues. My phone rebooted at least 5 times between Thursday evening and Sunday morning. I also had random problems accessing data. Since I've been back in Spokane, my phone has not rebooted, but I did have one data connectivity problem that lasted about 15 minutes.


I would not have expected a reboot issue to be affected by geographic location, but there you have it.


Re: Thunderbolt rebooting while in another service area
Sr. Member

My guess is it's something with how the radio is interacting with the towers in the area.  I've yet to have any reboot issues here where I work in Raleigh, NC but when I go to my parents who live a few minutes outside of the extended LTE area for Wilmington, I was getting 2-3/day.

Re: Thunderbolt rebooting while in another service area
Sr. Leader

Pj i got a suggestion to this i dont if it'll make everbody happy or Not but as the many issues that has came out on this phone an Lte in General If Verizon was so Gun HO on LTE why diddnt they just open up LTE every were or All the states instead a little here or a little there an hold off on this phone untill they got all the bugs out of it. Ive heared they have opened up more areas but i think they should have opened it up Nation Wide an Delt with as they Go. Maybee thats the way Done 3g back in the Day.  But as Ive read this has caused alottt of headaches for alott a folks.  Progress i guess ! :smileyvery-happy:




Let us Not forgett the Folks that has went thru so Much this Past week as they have a hard Road ahead of them but a Better Day is allways around the Bend.  Ra.!