Thunderbolt won't update
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My HTC Thunderbolt hasn't received any updates in a long time.  I've tried manually checking, with and without a wireless connection, and I've tried to check for updates in a wide range of locations.  It simply reports that it's checking for updates, then nothing.  The phone hasn't been modified, never tried to jailbreak it, and has no physical damage that would lead to this.  I've also tried updating without any apps installed, just in case one might be interfering with the update process.

The phone is stuck on Android version 2.2.1, "Software Number" 1.13.605.7.  Kernel version is dated 3/1/2011.  It's been becoming more and more difficult to use and I'm guessing it might be because of conflicts with apps expecting a more recent OS version.  Lately it's been rebooting at random times - not fun since it can take 5 minutes or longer to restart.  Google Maps, for example, has become a lot less stable for me in recent weeks.

I took the phone to a Verizon Wireless store, and the representative acknowledge that the version's way behind.  After working with it for 30 minutes or so she told me there's nothing she can do, and gave me HTC's support number.  HTC's support, meanwhile, simply read me some irrelevant but carefully pre-scripted instructions:  "All I can tell you is there might or might not be an update for the Thunderbolt in the future." 

"That's fine, but I just need the updates that are already released!"

"I'm sorry, I'm not permitted tell you anything beyond this."    

Great.  So I'm stuck with an expensive smartphone using an apparently outdated OS, and I'm still 4 or 5 months away from being eligible for the upgrade discount.  I was kind of shocked that I wasn't offered a replacement (even if it's just something comparable), or an early upgrade, especially since the Verizon representative acknowledged that something's wrong with the phone and that it wasn't tampered with, etc.

Does anyone out there know of any way to fix this issue?  The only thing I've found so far is the generic info about how to manually check for an update - which, for me, doesn't work at all.

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What is Verizon's deal with the Thunderbolt and failing to support us or be of any use at all?  It's like they are so scared of class action or something they just won't lift a finger to help us.  I don't think I'd "upgrade" with them and get stuck in a new contract but that's up to you.  I will avoid ranting though this time I've done it till I'm blue in the face. 

As for your issue if Verizon will not help you and you're not going to drop them like a bad habit I would do a factory reset which should automatically go out and get the newest update.  On the down side a factory reset is always a pain. . . I know. And if by some fluke it still refuses to update you're stuck with the factory release.

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Good advice, JRAHNBO2... I would try the factory reset for sure and hope that it fetches the newest release, which is STILL 2 update releases BEHIND all the other carriers.  The other carriers are already running ICS as of Aug. 2011, we were supposed to get it right after that but still nothing more than a year later.  I've pretty well had it with VZ, contract is up early 2013 - think I'm going somewhere else then. Been with VZ 13-14 yrs and they really don't care anymore. I can only hope that so many consumers LEAVE them that they fall to the bottom of the pile and realize how they've killed the best provider there ever was.  SO disappointed right now.

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I've been with Verizon for about 14 years. Is hate to switch carriers because I've always had great service, customer service has alwYs been great with refunding and letting you switch plans back and forth. We used to get the new every two with a $100 credit and unlimited data , now its all gone! Plus my thunderbolt won't stay connected to the 4g network