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Unhappy About The Changes To Vcast Media Manager

For me this is really upsetting. Vcast media manager now makes you upload to their website/webserver all of your personal videos and images and music, under the guise of being convienient. I thought it was much better when all my stuff personal was stored on my PC.. What happened to the PC application? Why can it no longer be downloaded and used? Who made this choice and when will they be fired?..

I think if you were really into pleasing your customers with your software apps, you would leave what works alone, if it's not broke don't fix it. For me, I had no problems using it and running it. It is understood that many people were having problems with it, but as you already know, some folks can't walk and chew gum at the same time! Put the application back online!!  Why remove it totally? It makes no sense, or is it because the change makes more dollars?

If you really want customers to faithfully use your phones and services, give them the choice to use what works for them, not someone behind a desk who thinks it's a bright idea to change everything for everybody.. Return the choice to your customers to pick the PC/website app that works for them, it's not for someone else to decide.

Personally I do not want to store my images, videos or music on anything else, or someplace else other than my PC.. Make it optional, do not force change.. Many folks would appreciate it and it's not a bad business model idea, many folks want thier privacy, not an invasion of.. At this time any response to me will be moot because I will not be returning here to read any replies. I know there are many others feeling the same way.

Return the original Media Manager..

If I have made a gross oversite, It's because I'm typing and chewing gum...

Re: Unhappy About The Changes To Vcast Media Manager

Question?  Why are you even using the Vcast Media Manager?  I never have used Media Manager since getting my Tbolt in April 2011.  I have always connected the Thunderbolt to the computer a disk drive and transferred the contents of the SD card that way.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Unhappy About The Changes To Vcast Media Manager

I too would question using this on a Thunderbolt. However, an online backup of things youd like to save like photos, might not be a bad thing. You can't have too many backups.

I do also have a non-smartphone which seems to require the media manager to save off the pictures from the phone.

It was forcing me suddenly to sign up for and use the online tool and disabling the PC based tool.

Well I found a way to work around this issue. I luckily still had the original installation program for the Media Manager. I reinstalled it while I was not connected from the internet and once I launched the application I went into the settings and turned off the automatic updates. So it will never check for a newer version and I can continue to use the PC tool.

Re: Unhappy About The Changes To Vcast Media Manager
Sr. Member

I just plug the phone in and use it as a disk drive and copy what I have on the phone and move it to the computer or you can plug in your sd card.