Wifi & 3G/4G Signal Strength
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Upgraded from Incredible to rezound approx 2 wks ago. I noticed that I had the wifi & 4g connections signals were not that strong. After checking the values at various locations in the house I determined that the signal strengths varied from phone on the  table to phone in hand in the same position. The difference was -10 to -12 dbn on wifi (per meter) and 2 bars on phone 4g. Should holding the phone in your hand block that much signal? I noticed some gold tape inside the back cover, is that the antenna? Has anyone else noticed this degraded signal problem. Is there  a fix?

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Re: Wifi & 3G/4G Signal Strength
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Yes, those gold strips inside the back cover are the antennae. I haven't noticed any signal variations based on how I'm holding the phone. Of course I do have it in an Otterbox case most of the time, so that may help.