Wont open my messages again....for the third time.

I recently bought my HTC Rezound a few months ago and i love it. Starting about a month and a half ago i have had problems that popped up out of nowhere. My phone would suddenly freeze and then when it unfroze and i tried to go to my messages they would not open. None of the current conversations i had going on would open. When i pressed on one of the conversations the screen would go white like it does when loading your messages but thats as far as it would go. First time it happened i had to restart my phone four times before it would even allow me to open my messages but it still wouldn't let me view them as the came up. it happened again today around 8 am and i tried restarting 4 times but it still wouldn't work. i cant open my conversations or view the texts that i received. when i open my messages it shows that i have 6 new messages from people i was texting but i cannot open the conversation to view them. This has happened before and i don't want it to become a recurring problem. I have a lot going on today and i need to fix this asap. can anyone PLEASE help me out??????

Re: Wont open my messages again....for the third time.
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Hello to you MarkB476!

Let us in! Let us in! I want you to get in to your messages right away and I hope you're able to do so now.

Do you use the messaging application that came with the phone or a third party messaging application? If it's third party you may want to uninstall and reinstall it.

If it's the original messaging application you may need to clear the cache by follow these steps: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All Tab > Messaging > Tap Force Close & Clear Data

Please keep me posted!


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