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Worst phone ever......

This is one of the worst phones next the  the motorola razor I have had in years. It freezes, It restarts on it own  going in between programs, the battery dies quickly, it has a small  internal memory and it stops functioning where I can't shut it off or restart it. In order to do anything with it you have to put it back on a charger for at least 20 min to do anything. I wish I never purchased this phone. But it was offered  and pushed like it was the best thing running to renew with Verizon so my husband wanted to get it. Within 8 months of me having this phone I start having trouble with it, its get progressively worse each  month. Now I have to suffer with this phone for another 8 month until I  can get rid of it under this stupid 2 year contract. Have insurance but I dont want to replace and get the same crap. I will never buy another HTC phone just like I won't  purchase another Motorola no matter how much of a discount Verizon  offers. I shouldn't have given up my LG phone.

Re: Worst phone ever......

Yes THis phone absolutely sucks for many reasons.  No wonder it was "free".  Its difficult to navigate, it freezed, it's unresponsive...i hate it I hate it I hate it!!!!!

Did I mention I HATE IT!!!