Yahoo Mail Notifications on Rezound
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   I read a few previous posts but no go.

I've recently installed Yahoo App on Android Rezound. It notifies with each email. I want to ONLY turn off the Yahoo Notifications but leave phone ring on.

I've looked at Settings->Sound but that's for all sounds.

I've looked at Apps->Y!Mail but don't see anything.

I've hit the Yahoo App and then the PhoneMenu button and it displays Refresh, Folders and Accounts but there doesn't appear to be any Yahoo Notification setting.



Re: Yahoo Mail Notifications on Rezound
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In the Y! Mail app, click on the little purple three-bar icon at the top left next to Inbox.  This will pop up a list of your different folders, but if you scroll all the way down then you will see a Settings option.  On the next screen, click on "Account Settings".  You would then have access to modify the notification settings from within the app.

Interestingly enough, I am having the complete opposite issue as you on my Rezound.  I want to receive the notifications (in fact I used to) but they are not coming up even though I have them enabled from within the app.