Since I git the new update for my thunderbolt it seems to be taking forever to charge my phone up I've drained it all the way and such anyone else have this problem?
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BigDogg2324, battery issues are no fun and I know how this can hinder the use of your phone. I researched this issue and found that we are still working on the issue but we have some steps that could be a temporary fix for the issue. We need to make sure you do not have the fast boot option checked off. If you want to fully power down the phone with minimal power drains, turn off fast boot as it is just a low-state power hibernation mode. 


To accomplish this, go into Settings>Applications and see if the fast boot option is checked because it simply hibernates the device and it may cause power drain. 


I also listed some links below of our forums with community members who are discussing the battery issue with this particular phone. I think reviewing the forums that discuss your issue is a good way to check out some of the steps and temporary fixes customers have done on their own which may also help you.


Lastly, we have seen some things you can do to save battery life:


--Use wifi when available

--Keep screen off when not in use

--Avoid direct heat exposure

--Turn auto sync off

--Turn off mobile data if you don't always need it on

--Close apps in background if you won't be using them often.