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fix for Thunderbolt OTA firmware update , when receiving an error message

Hi, my name is Lou, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post a solution or fix for Thunderbolt users that are unable to get their firmware update OTA..

For the last 2 weeks, when i got word that the (OTA) Over The Air firmware update should be coming out, i started going on my phones setting to check for new updates and started to receive an Error message, stating to check back when service was available, well Verizons attempt at fixing the issue was to to a hard factory reset, which didn't work, they also had me go to the local Verizon Wireless store and switch out my SIM card, and that didnt work, and they also tried Forcing the update to y phone, and again No resolve.. There last solution was to send me a refurbished phone, which I am strongly against, cuz I dont want a used piece of equipment, ... well anyways, I found the solution for the fix of getting the update downloaded to your phone, from ,

You first need to downlaod an app from the market titled LTE On/Off app, install it. Once installed, I turned of my WiFi on the phone, then opened the LTE On/Off app, and rememer the original setting that its on, bcuz thats the setting u will have to set it at, when your update begins...   Select the CDMA mode, not the CDMA(PRL) mode...  then exit the app.... By selecting the CDMA mode only, this should make your either 3G or 4G signal switch to a 1X symbol.. then, i restarted my phone, .... i dont think restarting is necessary, but i did it anyways... when it restarted, the signal setting was still at 1X, then I went to setting, aSoftware Update, then Check Now, and within a minute or so, the Download option appeared.  once I started the downlaod, I let about a minute pass by, then I went and opened one last time, the LTE On/Off app, and switched the setting to its default setting, and mine was the 4G option and the 4G signal kicked in, and the 78Mb download completed within 3 minutes...  hopes this helps... It helped me...

Re: fix for Thunderbolt OTA firmware update , when receiving an error message
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I could be wrong but I believe this has been covered but thanks for sharing still...