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rezound issues... a lot.

just a comment i wanted to post since the survey after the chat only had limited characters in the fill in box: the representative was not genuine. it felt like he was creating stories similar to my dilemma in order to create a personal and sentimental bond. he didnt resolve the situation and acted as if i didnt know how to operate an htc phone... or any htc for that matter. i know the ins and outs of phones and my bf works in the electronics department and is a complete geek so he knows how to operate it more than the average bear. i dont like being talked as if i didnt know how to factory reset my phone. the rezound is the worst phone ive ever encountered, i was misleaded into buying the phone from a verizon representative at the store, saying that it was a full functioning phone when in fact… it *****. I cant even play a single game or get a text in time or even make a simple phone call. I cant even get 4g lte that ive paid for… instead I get 3g. why would I want a replacement phone when the phone itself cannot live up to its capabilities. Getting a replacement phone of the same phone will have the same problems. Im completely unsatisfied with the phone and of Verizon. If I wasn’t tied in to this contract with other lines, I would have left for a different service.

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Re: rezound issues... a lot.

Amen. I'm a software developer with a solid IT background, and I NEVER solved the headache of this phone. I finally decided to just pay the VZ early termination fee yesterday because I had such an awful experience with this phone.

I feel like i finally have my life back. Not trying to be overly dramatic, it's just the truth. It was such a nightmare having this phone. For almost 18 months my smartphone i paid over $1.5k a year for was just a hot brick i carried around and plugged in constantly in case someone called me... and then the past month when the dropped calls started I wouldn't even get the calls, so it was completely useless.

Moral of this story: it's not just you.