text messages won't load, visual voice mail barely works, e-mail won't update

I've had the HTC Rhyme for about two weeks. Last week I noticed my text messages were not loading. I I turned the phone off a few times. Still no text messages loading. I spoke with Verizon CS and they tried several solutions that did not work. I finally reset my phone and my text messages started loading again...for a couple of days. Exactly one week later my text messages are not loading again. I am not gonna reset my phone again. In addition to no text messages not loading, my visual voicemail works sometimes ( voicemails show up hours later). My aol email does not update. When I mentioned this to the Verizon CS they said "instead of using the phone's email setup, I should download the aol app from the Google Play Store. So, I downloaded the aol mail app last week. Since I had to reset my phone I had to download the aol mail app again. But, now I can't find the aol mail app in the Google Play Store. I am VERY dissatisfied with this phone.

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Sstelliott, I sorry to hear of the issue you are having with your phone and I’m here to help!

Are you able to send text and picture messages? How do you know when you are not receiving a message? Do you get an error message? Are you able to access the Internet on your phone? Are you using a third party message app?

Run the phone in safe mode http://bit.ly/tXe7I4 and have someone send you a text to see if you receive. I want to make sure a third party isn’t causing these issues.

In regards to the visual voice mail, do you notice you have the delayed message when you’re in a certain area? Make sure airplane mode is disabled and that you’re able to access the Internet. Also, make sure call forwarding is disabled by dialing *73 send from your cell. You’ll hear a few beeps and the call will drop. Finally, update the phone by dialing *228 send and selecting option 2 to update. Once the update is complete make sure you power cycle the phone.

The update should also help with the email issues. You mentioned you are unable to find the app in the Google Plat store. Go to the Play store and on the main page select the Menu key. Go to My Apps. There you should see the email app if you previously downloaded it before you did the hard reset.

If you are still having issues after the troubleshooting step above, please post back and I’ll be more than happy to further assist you.

John B

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